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The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson is a place where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared... Douglas Jackson are a recruitment consultant and executive search firm leading the way in customer experience executive search. Providing diverse/impactful leadership recruitment and management consultancy for talent acquisition. In the Impact Room we invite leaders and subject matter experts from customer centric organisations, to share their ideas, thoughts, opportunities and challenges, to help educate and inspire. CEO, Chief Operating Officer, HR Director, Chief Customer Officer, Customer Service Director, Customer Experience Director, Customer Contact Director, Customer Care Director, Contact Centre Director, Customer Success Director, Customer Insight Director, Resource Planning Director, Chief Data Officer, Customer Analytics Director.

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Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Impact Room! I'm thrilled to be joined by Chyrel Brown, a seasoned Executive Leadership Consultant and former Chief Operating Officer at One Housing, with a remarkable 20-year career dedicated to Social Housing. Currently serving as a Non-Executive Director for both the Health and Safety Executive and the University College London Hospitals, Chyrel is passionate about fostering a positive and inclusive organizational culture.
In this episode, we delve into pivotal topics:
Sector Challenges: As a C-Suite executive with a rich history in Housing Associations and Social Housing, Chyrel discusses the most significant challenges facing the sector today.
Career Transitions: Explore the notable differences between a corporate career and a portfolio career as Chyrel transitions from the C-Suite to a Non-Executive Director role.
Diversity and Inclusion: Uncover the urgent issue of underrepresentation in the boardroom for Housing Associations and the broader business world. Gain insights from Women in the Workplace findings and discover tips to address the significant loss of diverse talent at mid-management levels.
Navigating Corporate Careers: Chyrel shares valuable advice for diverse, female, and aspirational leaders seeking success in their career across the corporate world or social housing sector.
Black History Month: Understand the importance of celebrating Black History Month and explore the impact such events can have on fostering inclusivity.
Social Housing Advocacy: Discover why Social Housing and Housing Associations are excellent places for everyone to explore and contribute.
Join us in The Impact Room, where exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership insights and wisdom are shared.
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Want to watch the full video you can do that here

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

Welcome to The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, where exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership and wisdom are shared. Michelle Ansell, Managing PArtner was delighted to be joined Vinay Parmar.
Vinay brings over three decades of invaluable experience to our virtual stage as a Chief Customer Experience Officer. He is not just a leader, but a visionary who has transformed the way companies approach their customer relationships. His insights are sought worldwide, and he's often seen on stages around the globe as a keynote speaker, sharing his knowledge.
Vinay is a Non-Executive Director at Curo Housing Group, where he contributes his strategic expertise. He's also held pivotal senior leadership positions across various domains, from Customer Experience to Digital, and even as a Managing Director. Most recently, he served as the Chief Customer Officer at National Express.
Today, Vinay is the founder of Dhruva Star, an organization that specializes in transforming and redefining your customer experience. Their mission? To ensure more customers not only choose you but also recommend you and trust you. That's not just a competitive edge; that's a game-changer.
In our conversation with Vinay, we're going to delve into some pressing topics:
The challenges faced by Customer Directors, CX Leaders, and Chief Customer Officers as they strive to secure buy-in from stakeholders and budgets.
The pitfalls of relying on vanity metrics and the pursuit of NPS scores, which can sometimes lead to the wrong behaviors instead of fostering trust, loyalty, and advocacy.
The pivotal role of the Chief Customer Officer - what needs to be done by individuals and CEOs to ensure this role thrives and evolves in the UK.
Vinay's advice for companies and business leaders looking to inspire and nurture a more diverse and aspirational leadership team.
We explore the intersection of leadership, customer experience, and the ever-changing landscape of business.
If you would prefer to watch the full video you can do that here. 
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Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Impact Room podcast! Today, we have the privilege of featuring Damian Kirk, a seasoned Director at E.on with over 7 years of dedicated leadership in the Utilities and Energy sector. Damian's illustrious career is marked by his passion for people leadership, boundless energy, and a relentless drive for innovation.
In this engaging conversation, Damian, who is also set to become an author, joins Michelle Ansell, Managing Partner at Douglas Jackson, to explore a wide range of thought-provoking topics, including:
Authentic Leadership: Discover the essence of authentic leadership and why it's a critical factor in today's dynamic business landscape.
Wellbeing and Inclusion: Gain insights into the importance of fostering wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring that businesses are not just successful but also nurturing environments.
The Future of Business: Explore the evolving landscape of businesses in the future, emphasizing mindset over traditional models and transforming the way we perceive people and customers.
Managerless Accountability: Dive into the innovative concept of a managerless, accountability-driven model. Damian sheds light on how to develop tribes and squads, where real organizational value stems from trust, empowerment, and agility.
Join us in The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, where we continue to bring you exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership insights and wisdom. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Damian Kirk and Michelle Ansell in this compelling episode that explores the future of leadership and business. The Impact Room – Where leadership excellence and profound wisdom are shared! If you prefer to watch the full session you can go here. 

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

Welcome to a special coffee break edition of The Impact Room podcast! Today, we're delighted to have Nikki Powell, Director of Patient Services and Experience at Sciensus (formerly Healthcare at Home).
Nikki is a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in strategic contact center operations transformation and delivery. With a keen focus on customer experience, Nikki is known for her top-performing, profit-driven approach, consistently achieving year-on-year performance improvements. Her exceptional leadership skills, coupled with a deep understanding of business operations, have led to successful transformations, enhanced customer experiences, and innovative problem-solving.
In this casual and insightful chat, Nikki shares her wisdom and experiences over a coffee break. Join us as we delve into Nikki's journey and glean insights into her exceptional leadership style.
The Impact Room is your destination for diverse and impactful leadership insights, and this coffee break conversation with Nikki Powell promises to be both refreshing and informative. Stay tuned for a delightful session where we explore the art of leadership and wisdom in action.
Douglas Jackson, our sponsor, is a high-end retained executive search firm exclusively focused on consumer-centric businesses, delivering diverse and impactful leadership across various domains. Tune in and be inspired by the leadership wisdom shared in The Impact Room! If you would prefer to watch the full recording you can go here. 

Friday Oct 20, 2023

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Impact Room podcast! In this session, we have the pleasure of welcoming Ashleigh Ainsley as our guest.
Ashleigh is the Co-Founder of colorintech, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering diversity within the tech community. Through strategic partnerships with industry giants like Google, WPP, Microsoft, and Facebook, colorintech creates groundbreaking programs that provide ethnic minorities with access to some of the world's most innovative companies. Ashleigh, a graduate of Oxford University, has garnered recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee. He is a tech evangelist, strategic innovation consultant, and board advisor.
In this engaging conversation, Ashleigh will delve into a range of thought-provoking topics, including:
Building Inclusive Cultures: Learn how to create a more inclusive culture within your business, attracting and retaining diverse and ethnically underrepresented talent.
Workplace Motivation: Explore the reasons why individuals go to work and the factors that may be hindering diverse talent from applying to your business.
Modern Workplace Dynamics: Gain insights into how to effectively retain and nurture talent while addressing challenges such as the ethnicity pay gap.
Individual and Business Development: Ashleigh shares valuable insights and advice that can benefit both your career and your business, with a focus on enhancing diversity and opportunities in the workplace.
Join us in The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, where diverse and impactful leadership insights and wisdom are shared. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Ashleigh Ainsley and gain valuable insights to drive positive change in your career and business especially when it comes to thinking about diversity.  If you prefer to watch the full session you can do that here. 

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Impact Room podcast, hosted by Perry Fletcher. In this episode, we are honored to have Andrei Nita, Director of Data and Analytics, as our special guest.
Andrei brings a wealth of expertise as a senior Data Leader who has served as a Director with His track record includes conceiving, designing, and successfully delivering data, analytics, and technology strategies. Andrei has led numerous digital transformation programs, helping organizations gain a competitive edge by understanding their markets and customers, thereby delivering top-notch products and services to enhance customer satisfaction and shareholder value.
In this engaging conversation, you'll hear Andrei share his insights on several compelling topics, including:
The Biggest Opportunity in Data and Analytics: Discover what Andrei sees as the most significant opportunities within the realm of data and analytics.
Career Progression in Data and Analytics: Gain valuable advice from Andrei on how to advance your career in data and analytics and reach the esteemed role of Chief Data Officer.
Key Career Break: Learn about Andrei's most pivotal career moment and how it propelled him to where he is today.
Inspiration and the Secret Sauce for Future Data Leaders: Andrei shares what inspires him and unravels the essential ingredients for aspiring data leaders to thrive in the future.
Join us in The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, where we continue to bring you exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership insights and wisdom. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Andrei Nita in this thought-provoking episode and if you would prefer to watch the full video you can go here. 

Friday Oct 13, 2023

Welcome to The Impact Room podcast, where we're thrilled to have Holly in conversation with the remarkable Nicola Freemantle-Phillips. Nicola brings a wealth of experience as a senior leader in the energy and utilities industry, currently serving as a Senior Consultant at Baringa and a passionate advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). She is also a CMI accredited Chartered Manager.
With 18 years of experience in the energy sector, Nicola is not only an authentic senior operations leader but also a staunch advocate for good leadership and DEI. She champions women's sports, particularly women's football, and carries an unwavering optimism for a brighter world.
In this insightful episode, Nicola delves into a range of thought-provoking topics, including:
Hybrid Working and its Impact on Diversity and Inclusion: Explore how the evolving landscape of hybrid work models affects DEI, value creation, and being present in the workplace.
Addressing the Gender Pay Gap: Nicola shares insights on tackling the gender pay gap and supporting women in the workforce, especially those who have faced unique challenges in recent years.
The Business Case for DEI Initiatives: Discover the undeniable business case for equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. Nicola emphasizes the importance of research, audience understanding, and respectful curiosity in driving meaningful change.
Putting People First: Nicola highlights the significance of prioritizing the needs of your people and fostering an environment where individuals can be their best selves, emphasizing trust, psychological security, and addressing imposter syndrome.
Join us in this enlightening conversation that explores the intersection of leadership, DEI, and the energy industry. The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson is your source for diverse and impactful leadership insights. Tune in and gain wisdom from Nicola Freemantle-Phillips in this compelling episode, if you would prefer to watch the session, you can do that here.  #diversity #inclusion #energy #seniorleadership #diverseleadership #trust #equality #theimpactroom #diverseleaders #wisdom #sharing #culture #change #hybrid #utilities #impostersyndrome

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Welcome to The Impact Room podcast, where we are excited to introduce our recent special guest, Bontle Senne.
Bontle's impressive background includes serving as an Executive Director in areas such as People, Transformation, Innovation, and Development, with experiences at renowned organizations like Virgin Media, Deutsche Bank, and McKinsey. She's a distinguished member of the HR Forbes Human Resources Council, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and actively contributes to the Boards of Trustees for both St Mungo's and AKT.
Today, Bontle wears the hat of Founder and Managing Director at Strong-ish, a holistic career and health coaching business. Her mission is to support, guide, and celebrate working women, assisting them in building their own personal advisory board (dream team) for mentoring, training, and facing challenges head-on.
In this enlightening episode, Bontle touches on several compelling topics, including:
Challenges Faced by Working Women: Explore the obstacles that often hinder the progress of working women in various fields.
Impact of Recent Years on Women in the Workplace: Learn how recent years have reshaped the landscape for women in the workforce and the evolving demands they face.
Enhancing Health and Opportunity Strategies: Discover valuable advice for organizations seeking to improve the health and opportunity strategies available to their leadership teams and colleagues.
Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: Bontle shares insights into the most significant opportunities for advancing diversity, inclusion, and equality in today's business world.
Guidance for Aspiring Leaders: Get practical guidance for aspiring leaders who aspire to thrive at a strategic, executive, directorial, or board level.
Join us in The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, your destination for exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership insights and wisdom. Don't miss this informative and engaging session with Bontle Senne and if you would prefer to watch the full episode please go here. 

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Welcome to latest Impact Room podcast feature. We were thrilled to have Manoj Sangany join us in this episode. Manoj is not only a Coach, a Head of Customer Success and Scale-up Accelerator having worked for Incepteo but also a passionate advocate for men's mental health and storytelling. You can connect with him on the Mindful Men's Club Facebook group and follow their youtube channel as well to check out his really important work in this field. 
In this insightful episode, Manoj dives into several thought-provoking topics:
The Startup Journey: Manoj discusses the ups and downs of the startup world, emphasizing the significance of failures in achieving success.
Project Success in Software Development: Discover why there is a persistently low success rate in software development projects and what practical steps can be taken to address this issue.
Men's Mental Health: Manoj sheds light on how recent years have impacted men's mental health, the challenges they face, and the changing landscape of support and awareness.
Leadership and Wellness: Get valuable advice for business leaders, CEOs, Directors, Boards, and HR Directors on enhancing the health, mental well-being, and overall wellness of their teams.
The Upside of Bad Leadership: Explore the idea that bad leadership doesn't always have to be a negative force and how it can lead to growth and improvement.
Startup and Transformation Tips: Manoj shares crucial insights for individuals with groundbreaking startup ideas and those embarking on large-scale transformative technology programs.
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety: Receive firsthand advice on coping with depression and anxiety from someone who has experienced these challenges personally.
Breaking the Taboo: Learn why men's mental health is still a taboo subject in many circles and the importance of open conversations.
Join us in The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson , where we bring you exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership and wisdom from our remarkable guests. Don't miss this enlightening episode with Manoj Sangany! If you prefer to watch the full recording you can do that here. 

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

I am delighted to be joined by Nicola Collister, Nicola was one of the first Group Customer Experience Directors in the UK and has 25+ years in the service industry.  Working her way up from an Advisor with the RAC, Nicola went on to hold senior COO and CCO Executive roles, before founding Custerian over 10 years ago with Simon Norrie, Nicola is also an Executive Advisor for the CCA and Chairs many of their events, as well as being an NED and Advisor to start-up and scale up business.  Custerian is a practitioner focused change creation and delivery company that helps clients improve profitability by solving problems, making things better and helps business get the right stuff done through alignment, of their people, process, technology and data.
Michelle Ansell, Managing Partner of Douglas Jackson and Nicola talk about why business get change so wrong and the key ingredients to drive success, how to harness the power of people. 
Why customer service, contact centre, CX etc, however the customer functions are branded, their inability to be seen as a profit, value adding function vs that of a cost cutting function and so it seems the functions are almost always on the back foot and being asked to do more with less, diversity and advice for female and aspirational leaders and more. 
If you would prefer to watch the full video go here. 
The Impact Room
Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...


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