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The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson is a place where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared... Douglas Jackson are a recruitment consultant and executive search firm leading the way in customer experience executive search. Providing diverse/impactful leadership recruitment and management consultancy for talent acquisition. In the Impact Room we invite leaders and subject matter experts from customer centric organisations, to share their ideas, thoughts, opportunities and challenges, to help educate and inspire. As part of our commitment to Elevating Talent - we are not just an Executive Search firm, we are committed to the development and education of our current and future leaders. Dedicated to fostering environments centered on continuous development, growth, and collaboration. Through Our Impact Room, our invite only, exclusive Peer-to-Peer Cohorts, we create places where leaders and emerging talent converge to learn, share, and challenge. CEO, Chief Operating Officer, HR Director, Chief Customer Officer, Customer Service Director, Customer Experience Director, Customer Contact Director, Customer Care Director, Contact Centre Director, Customer Success Director, Customer Insight Director, Resource Planning Director, Chief Data Officer, Customer Analytics Director.

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Sunday Apr 28, 2024

John Montgomery Practice Lead in Insurance joins Dr Steve Long, USA CEO of Many Pets, the Fintech and Insurance Disruptor. Steve is a seasoned CEO and known for his remarkable journey from managing startups to leading multinational corporations into the realm of 'double unicorns'.
Dr. Long shares invaluable lessons from his vast experience in tech businesses, international expansion, and building high-performing teams. Steve dives deep into the nuances of venturing into new markets, emphasising the importance of local culture, customer engagement, regulatory landscapes, and the criticality of budgeting and strategic planning. Steve also recounts his personal comeback from a life-altering injury, underlining the profound impact it has had on his professional ethos and leadership style. Furthermore, he provides practical advice for organisations aiming to navigate the complexities of global expansion, with a special focus on the pet insurance industry's challenges and opportunities in different territories.
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson– Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
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Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Join us on thie Impact Room into the intricate world of resource planning and performance optimisation with Damian Moore, the experienced Director at Optiforce. Damian brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse career across industries such as IT, retail, and contact centers, providing a deep dive into the strategies that are shaping the future of workforce management.
🔍 Episode Highlights:
Career Journey: Trace Damian's professional path from his early days as a resource plan analyst to his current role at the helm of Optiforce.
Personal Insights: Get a glimpse of Damian's personal life, including his love for Ibiza and what makes it his favorite getaway.
Innovative Project Showcase: Explore a transformative project in a major retailer's IT service desk, highlighting the impactful integration of AI and predictive analytics.
Resource Optimization: Damian discusses a successful initiative in the retail sector that optimized workforce management, emphasizing the importance of strategic resource visibility and flexibility.
Employee Engagement: Learn about the focus on aligning scheduling with employee aspirations, improving engagement and well-being through innovative tools developed in collaboration with a Russell Group University.
Cross-Industry Experience: Damian reflects on his extensive experience across multiple sectors, underscoring the universal need for effective, adaptable shift patterns.
Inspiration and Future Directions: Hear what motivates Damian to continually innovate in his field, and the balanced, inclusive solutions he strives to create for businesses and their employees.
Dive into this compelling conversation that seamlessly integrates expert knowledge, forward-thinking strategies, and the crucial human element in workforce management. Whether you're a professional in HR, operations, or simply fascinated by the dynamics of effective workforce management, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration.
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson – Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
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Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Tune into this episode of the Impact Room featuring Abdul Azeez, a seasoned transformational leader with an extensive background in financial services and banking at Branch level, Regional Director and Customer Care Director for Barclays Bank. 
Abdul discusses the nuances of leading with impact and navigating the complexities of technological advancements and strategic planning in corporate settings.
With over two decades of experience, he offers invaluable insights into what makes teams perform at their peak and how to cultivate an inclusive, high-performance culture that drives significant returns for shareholders.
Abdul's approach combines practical strategies with inspiring leadership philosophies, making this a must-listen for anyone interested in organisational development and management excellence.
Tune in to learn from Abdul's extensive experience and discover his "secret ingredients" for successful business transformations and cultural shifts.
"When I started out, initially, you create certain self-setting limits out there. And I remember seeing a colleague, a director who looked like me. I was like, 'Wow, is it possible to get a black guy, someone of African descent, in a senior position?' I'm like, 'Oh, he's doable.' And that was the rest for me."
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
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Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Welcome to another episode of "The Impact Room," where we dive deep into the transformative world of customer experience (CX) and leadership. Today, your host, Michelle Ansell, is joined by Clare Muscutt, a recognized leader in the CX field and the founder and CEO of WiCX, Women in Customer Experience, the pioneering global community for women in customer experience and technology.
In this episode, Clare shares her expert insights on why traditional approaches to CX transformation might be more of a problem than a solution, advocating for more agile and customer-focused strategies. She also discusses the evolving role of CX leaders, emphasizing the need for a balance between technical skills and strategic business understanding to drive real change.
Additionally, Clare talks about founding WiCX and its impact on supporting and elevating women in the tech and CX spaces, creating a vibrant network for professional growth and advocacy.
Tune in to gain valuable insights from one of the leading voices in customer experience and learn how leadership, technology, and community intersect to shape the future of the industry.
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson– Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
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Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Welcome to today’s engaging edition of The Impact Room, where insights meet influence and stories of success pave the way for tomorrow’s leaders. I'm Michelle Ansell, your guide on this journey of discovery and inspiration. Today, we are incredibly honored to have Oke Eleazu with us—a visionary in the realms of business, leadership, and the power of diversity.
Oke, the founder CEO of Elevate Colour, has charted a remarkable path through the corporate world, notably as the former UK CEO of Many Pets, a fintech and insurance phenomenon which became a double unicorn. His dedication to customer experience excellence, combined with his advocacy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), makes him a distinguished voice in pushing for greater representation of people of colour in leadership roles.
In this episode, we'll explore Oke's transformative leadership journey, his innovative approach to business, and his mission with Elevate Colour. We’ll dive deep into the essence of creating a customer-centric culture and the critical conversation around diversity and representation in leadership.
Join us as we unravel the lessons and insights from Oke's impressive career.  Let's dive in..
The Impact Room, where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
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Douglas Jackson help CEOs, COOs, HRDs and business leaders improve the success and retention of their new leadership hires across Customer, CX, Operations, Insight, Resource Planning and Transformations. Helping you deliver a much improved performance and ROI.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Welcome to a new episode of the Impact Room, brought to you by Douglas Jackson. In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting Dr. Elizabeth Blakelock, a leading figure in regulatory academics and a pivotal force behind the UK Regulators network's Vulnerability Academy. Dr. Blakelock, who also plays a significant role at Citizens Advice, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion, offering invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of regulation and consumer protection.
In our conversation, Dr. Blakelock delves into the essence and importance of purposeful regulation, emphasizing the need for regulatory bodies to adopt a more strategic and proactive stance in addressing societal challenges. She introduces the innovative concept of a Chief Purpose Officer within the regulatory framework, arguing for its critical role in ensuring that regulation not only meets but exceeds societal expectations, particularly in the utilities sector.
This episode explores how the integration of diverse perspectives and the prioritization of consumer protection can lead to more effective and empathetic regulatory practices. Dr. Blakelock shares her thoughts on the significance of empathy, diversity, and innovation in shaping a regulatory environment that is responsive to the needs of vulnerable populations and committed to a fair transition to net-zero.
Join us on this insightful journey as we uncover the potential of purpose-driven regulation to transform the way utilities are regulated, ensuring that essential services are accessible and equitable for all. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on the Impact Room, where we tackle the issues that matter most in the utilities sector and beyond.
If you would prefer to watch the full video you can do that here. 
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson - Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

Join us in our next episode of The Impact Room
In this captivating episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Jo Garland, Jo is a senior Director actoss customer support, customer experience and operational leadership. Jo's career has seen her shaping customer experiences at top-tier retailers including Waitrose, John Lewis, and Asda. Now, as a Senior Account Director at Concentrix and Webhelp, Jo has been recognised in the Customer Experience Foundation Power 100 and excels at delivering transformation, leadership, and coaching.
🔍 What's inside this episode:
Jo's Journey: From leading omnichannel customer support to embracing new challenges in her current role, Jo shares her rich experiences and the lessons learned along the way.
Making an Impact in New Roles: Jo discusses her approach to joining new organizations, especially in dynamic environments, and how to identify and seize quick wins while bringing valuable experience to the table.
Leadership and Change: Delving into her passion for leadership, Jo talks about the common pitfalls in transformation programs and the vital role of engaging and nurturing talent at all levels.
Diversity and Career Advancement: As a successful female leader, Jo offers her perspective on promoting diversity within organizations, and provides practical tips for aspirational leaders to thrive in their careers.
The Power of Customer Service Careers: Jo passionately argues for recognizing customer service as a promising career path, highlighting the vast opportunities for growth and learning it presents.
🧘‍♀️ A Personal Touch: Jo also shares snippets from her recent yoga retreat in Spain, offering a glimpse into how balancing personal well-being contributes to professional excellence.
Join us on The Impact Room, Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...
 Jo's insights are a blend of practical advice, forward-thinking strategies, and a deep understanding of what it takes to excel in customer-centric roles.
If you would prefer to watch the Youtube video you can do that here. 

Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

The Impact Room welcomes Mandy Casken, Director of Resource Planning and Forecasting and who has worked but the RAC, Capita amongst others. 
Perry joins Mandy as they talk about resource planning and workforce management, effective planning and forecasting.
Mandy is a distinguished Planning and Insight leader with over 25 years of experience in the field. Mandy's impressive career spans various sectors, including notable roles at RAC, Army Recruitment, and Barclays. Dive deep with us into her insightful journey and her impactful contributions to strategic and operational workforce planning.
Inside This Episode:
From Brass Bands to Boardrooms: Mandy reveals her fascinating background, including a unique hobby that surprises many.
Data Strategy in Action: Learn about Mandy's transformative role in army recruiting, where her data-driven approach led to remarkable achievements.
The Evolution of Planning and Insight: Mandy discusses the exciting future of workforce planning, emphasizing the synergy between AI, machine learning, and the critical human touch.
Career Milestones and Mentors: Explore Mandy's career-defining moments and the influential mentors who have shaped her journey.
Empowering Future Leaders: Mandy imparts invaluable advice for those aspiring to senior leadership roles in planning and forecasting, highlighting the importance of collaboration and embracing challenges.
AI in the Workplace: Gain insights into Mandy's perspective on AI advancements, including ChatGPT, and its potential to revolutionize planning and insight functions.
Mandy Casken's story is more than a career narrative; it's an inspiring tale of dedication, adaptability, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge.
If you would prefer to watch the full video you can do that here. 
The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, Where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Impact Room! I'm thrilled to be joined by Chyrel Brown, a seasoned Executive Leadership Consultant and former Chief Operating Officer at One Housing, with a remarkable 20-year career dedicated to Social Housing. Currently serving as a Non-Executive Director for both the Health and Safety Executive and the University College London Hospitals, Chyrel is passionate about fostering a positive and inclusive organizational culture.
In this episode, we delve into pivotal topics:
Sector Challenges: As a C-Suite executive with a rich history in Housing Associations and Social Housing, Chyrel discusses the most significant challenges facing the sector today.
Career Transitions: Explore the notable differences between a corporate career and a portfolio career as Chyrel transitions from the C-Suite to a Non-Executive Director role.
Diversity and Inclusion: Uncover the urgent issue of underrepresentation in the boardroom for Housing Associations and the broader business world. Gain insights from Women in the Workplace findings and discover tips to address the significant loss of diverse talent at mid-management levels.
Navigating Corporate Careers: Chyrel shares valuable advice for diverse, female, and aspirational leaders seeking success in their career across the corporate world or social housing sector.
Black History Month: Understand the importance of celebrating Black History Month and explore the impact such events can have on fostering inclusivity.
Social Housing Advocacy: Discover why Social Housing and Housing Associations are excellent places for everyone to explore and contribute.
Join us in The Impact Room, where exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership insights and wisdom are shared.
#ImpactRoom #LeadershipInsights #DiversityInclusion #ExecutiveCareer #BlackHistoryMonth #WomenInLeadership #ChyrelBrown #HousingAssociation #SocialHousing #COO #ChiefOperatingOfficer #douglasjackson
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Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

Welcome to The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson, where exceptional, diverse, and impactful leadership and wisdom are shared. Michelle Ansell, Managing PArtner was delighted to be joined Vinay Parmar.
Vinay brings over three decades of invaluable experience to our virtual stage as a Chief Customer Experience Officer. He is not just a leader, but a visionary who has transformed the way companies approach their customer relationships. His insights are sought worldwide, and he's often seen on stages around the globe as a keynote speaker, sharing his knowledge.
Vinay is a Non-Executive Director at Curo Housing Group, where he contributes his strategic expertise. He's also held pivotal senior leadership positions across various domains, from Customer Experience to Digital, and even as a Managing Director. Most recently, he served as the Chief Customer Officer at National Express.
Today, Vinay is the founder of Dhruva Star, an organization that specializes in transforming and redefining your customer experience. Their mission? To ensure more customers not only choose you but also recommend you and trust you. That's not just a competitive edge; that's a game-changer.
In our conversation with Vinay, we're going to delve into some pressing topics:
The challenges faced by Customer Directors, CX Leaders, and Chief Customer Officers as they strive to secure buy-in from stakeholders and budgets.
The pitfalls of relying on vanity metrics and the pursuit of NPS scores, which can sometimes lead to the wrong behaviors instead of fostering trust, loyalty, and advocacy.
The pivotal role of the Chief Customer Officer - what needs to be done by individuals and CEOs to ensure this role thrives and evolves in the UK.
Vinay's advice for companies and business leaders looking to inspire and nurture a more diverse and aspirational leadership team.
We explore the intersection of leadership, customer experience, and the ever-changing landscape of business.
If you would prefer to watch the full video you can do that here. 
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The Impact Room 

The Impact Room from Douglas Jackson is where exceptional, diverse and impactful leadership and wisdom is shared...We are not just an Executive Search firm, we are committed to the development and education of our current and future leaders. Dedicated to fostering environments centered on continuous development, growth, and collaboration. Our Impact Room podcast along with our community and invite only peer to peer cohorts are places where leaders and emerging talent converge to learn, share, and challenge.  

We and our guests talk about leadership, Customer, CX, Operations, Resource Planning, Insight and Analytics.  We have a passion for Diversity and we cover market sectors including; Housing Associations, Utilities, Insurance, Fintech, Insurtech, Travel, Retail, Outsourcing and more.

Douglas Jackson are a Recruitment and Executive Search firm who help you hire more impactful, diverse leaders who stay for longer and are more successful.  Exceptional Leaders Matter

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